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Selling Your Lighthouse Point Home For What It's Worth

Selling Your Home For What It's Worth

As Lighthouse Point real estate agents and lifelong learners, the Realtors at Champagne & Parisi Real Estate can't resist reading the newest real-estate "how-to" articles that we frequently encounter on the web, in magazines, and the real estate newsletters that often clutter our email inboxes. It is our duty to constantly seek out new information that will best prepare us to assist our clients with their Lighthouse Point real estate needs and to stay abreast of current market trends and the current inventory of Lighthouse Point home for sale. Last week, I came across an article entitled, “How to Sell Your House for More than It’s Worth,” and despite my professional knowledge and experience which provides contradictory evidence to the possibility of this claim, I decided to (skeptically) read on.

I know; I know: that’s the kind of web clickbait we’ve all learned to avoid—like pop-ups announcing “New Law Cuts Lighthouse Point Residents’ Tax Bill in Half!”...